Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear manmohan Ji you cannot be absolved of 2G scam?

I am surprised to see the weak defense of the PM, on the 2g scam, and I truly hold him in high esteem. It is like nero slept?? while Rome was burning. How can it be, how can we say that the PM was oblivious of the decision taken. When every media, was screaming itself hoarse, during the spectrum allocation process of 2007, that it is being arbitrary. I still remember the day when pictures of telecom operators fighting among themselves to be in que to get the license, was displayed prominently a mockery of spectrum allocation was being made.

We as citizen of India could understand that something diabolical was going on, flouting all rules with impunity. I fail to understand that the PM was oblivious, of the whole development. One strong stance could have changed the whole game. But the compulsion of coalition politics made it all possible. Ultimately, the PM also succumbed to re inducting Raja the second time in cabinet, with the same portfolio, showing the utter helplessness of UPA 2 or the PM??????

Today, what we see is a product of judicial activism and public pressure on Congress to change its image, from a scam ridden party to a more assertive, 0 zero tolerance to corruption party.

Well its never too late, but I feel the image of the PM has taken a hit in a big way, and I foresee this blemish on his impeccable career, will always be there in the pages of history.

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