Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear manmohan Ji you cannot be absolved of 2G scam?

I am surprised to see the weak defense of the PM, on the 2g scam, and I truly hold him in high esteem. It is like nero slept?? while Rome was burning. How can it be, how can we say that the PM was oblivious of the decision taken. When every media, was screaming itself hoarse, during the spectrum allocation process of 2007, that it is being arbitrary. I still remember the day when pictures of telecom operators fighting among themselves to be in que to get the license, was displayed prominently a mockery of spectrum allocation was being made.

We as citizen of India could understand that something diabolical was going on, flouting all rules with impunity. I fail to understand that the PM was oblivious, of the whole development. One strong stance could have changed the whole game. But the compulsion of coalition politics made it all possible. Ultimately, the PM also succumbed to re inducting Raja the second time in cabinet, with the same portfolio, showing the utter helplessness of UPA 2 or the PM??????

Today, what we see is a product of judicial activism and public pressure on Congress to change its image, from a scam ridden party to a more assertive, 0 zero tolerance to corruption party.

Well its never too late, but I feel the image of the PM has taken a hit in a big way, and I foresee this blemish on his impeccable career, will always be there in the pages of history.

Musings: Congress should not succumb to DMK for "Raja"

Musings: Congress should not succumb to DMK for "Raja"

Sunday, October 11, 2009

been out for a while!!

was too stuck up with things to be blogging regularly!! I guess elections over led me in a cocoon, as i was becoming more of a political commentator and these days not much to write on.
will try to pen down my thoughts more regularly..........

Monday, June 1, 2009

Congress preempts Behan Ji's dream

Well, a dalit women becoming the PM of India, still seems to be a distant dream, but congress has surely made a master stroke by appointing Meira Kumar the speaker of Lok Sabha. The first Dalit lady to hold such a position. A master stroke, which will take winds out of the sail of Behen Ji (mayawati), who is still busy sacking people en mass , because, BSP could not sweep lok sabha elections in UP.
We should not also forget that it is Congress which also gave India the First Women President.
Kudos to congress!! a party which is not only paying lip service to women empowerment, but actually working towards it. I am sure in the coming 5 years, the women reservation bill of 33 % reservation in Parliament for women, will see the light of the day.

BJP needs to do a serious rethink

I was just pondering on the future of BJP, after Advani, to my surprise not a single coherent face came to my mind. Narendra modi, for all his personality and media coverage is the only person, who comes close to mind, if one thinks of advani's replacement. But, the sad part is with modi comes the image of hard line hindutva, no matter, what he has done for the development of Gujarat. He is undoubtedly an able administrator, but the association of Modi with hardline hindutva is a well nigh impossible to remove perception.
Apart from Modi, I could not recollect a single face, who could have a pan-India stature and appeal. This is surely a defining moment for BJP in terms of bringing in new and dynamic face and also doing a total rethink on its focus and strategy in terms of ideology.
Indian voters in the recent years have clearly reiterated that Anti incumbency is no longer a trend and seeing the opportunism of regional parties, they have given a clear mandate to national parties for a stable government.
Good governance and a focused communication around it, is the key to wining elections.
No amount of hysteria around religion and communities can really bring in votes.
Its time for BJP to really do a serious rethink, on its future strategy, before it goes back to its 86 days when they had just 2 lok sabha seats, that too was represented by legendary personalities like Atal Bihari and Advani.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gilchrist pulverizes Delhi Daredevils

I am not an avid IPL follower, but fortunately, I got to see the semifinals especially Gilchrists inning ball by ball. The Deccan chargers really made a mockery of the devils of Delhi. It was a treat to watch Gilchrist in full form, treating each ball and bowlers with contempt. Amit Mishra a young guy from Delhi, has to be given credit, for being the only man, to who some respect was shown, rest were just pulverized.
Delhi daredevil's, which was one of the favorites to win the IPL trophy, could never have imagined that one man can be such a game changer. Virendra Sehwag, after the loss, agreed that it was Gilchrist's day, and you can't stop a hurricane, with all the arsenals you have.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Congress should not succumb to DMK for "Raja"

Keeping in view the announcement of DMK to give outside support to congress, as their aspirations and demand are not being met by a resurgent congress, which is not ready to be blackmailed by allies.
I am not sure but it is being hinted that DMK is adamant on Raja (the ex telecom minister, known for all the wrong reasons wrt telecom policies), to be inducted in the cabinet, even if he does not get IT. But, Congress, is very much aware of Raja's reputation as a minister, and is not willing to send a wrong signal to people by inducting him under pressure. I believe that Congress should stick by its stance of not inducting raja, and give a strong signal that non-performers will not be tolerated in the new ministry.
DMK is known for its pressure tactics, and has put congress in a bit of back foot, but keeping political alliances in mind, this could be the first litmus test for the congress, in terms of taking a strong stance.
I know its not easy to just ward of allies, in a jiffy , because of arrogance of numbers, as ultimately, congress will need support of numbers and could end up yielding to some other parties demand. But in a changed scenario, congress needs to take a strong stance on Raja and other such ministers who are known for their non-performance and not so good reputation.