Monday, June 1, 2009

BJP needs to do a serious rethink

I was just pondering on the future of BJP, after Advani, to my surprise not a single coherent face came to my mind. Narendra modi, for all his personality and media coverage is the only person, who comes close to mind, if one thinks of advani's replacement. But, the sad part is with modi comes the image of hard line hindutva, no matter, what he has done for the development of Gujarat. He is undoubtedly an able administrator, but the association of Modi with hardline hindutva is a well nigh impossible to remove perception.
Apart from Modi, I could not recollect a single face, who could have a pan-India stature and appeal. This is surely a defining moment for BJP in terms of bringing in new and dynamic face and also doing a total rethink on its focus and strategy in terms of ideology.
Indian voters in the recent years have clearly reiterated that Anti incumbency is no longer a trend and seeing the opportunism of regional parties, they have given a clear mandate to national parties for a stable government.
Good governance and a focused communication around it, is the key to wining elections.
No amount of hysteria around religion and communities can really bring in votes.
Its time for BJP to really do a serious rethink, on its future strategy, before it goes back to its 86 days when they had just 2 lok sabha seats, that too was represented by legendary personalities like Atal Bihari and Advani.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Verma,

As you said,apart from Modi,they dont have a vote catcher and Modi for all his arrogance( and good governance)is more of a regional leader with no national vision.
I read somewhere that traditionally,India used to be ruled by 500 odd families and that still is the case.Nepotism has transcended all party lines.
Imagine ,even BJP needs to bank on the Gandhi name(Maneka/Varun).Coming back to Congress,the reason they got most seats(definitely not a landslide/majority as reported by asection of the media) was not because people were attracted to it in a big way......only because the others were worse and Congress is capable of running the show better.
In future however,the only Party potentially that can get a simple majority is Congress but only in the event they get a majority in UP/Bihar.....I dont see that happening soon.
BJP at best cannot better their best ever performance of 180 odd,so no harm in going back to hard core Hindutva( if they have the guts that is) because they wont do worse than what they are doing already and in todays political context 180 is enough to get a shot at power.
Advani and even for that matter Vajpayee were over-rated politicians anyway.Can we think of one single accomplishment(political or otherwise)of this so called Iron Man who dared compare himself to Sardar Patel?
As far as the future of Congress is concerned,they know they can stick together as long as they hold on to this Gandhi/Vadra family.Otherwise its just someone's son or daughter or whatever.The saving grace is a PM we can be proud of(though he bows before Sonia)A positive outcome of this election was the decimation of regional jokers like Mulayam Laloo,Amar Singh etc
A word about Mayawati,hasnt she said enough about the Mahatma to be slapped with NSA?

Anonymous said...

Any promising leaders in BJP other than Narendra Modi?None !