Monday, June 1, 2009

Congress preempts Behan Ji's dream

Well, a dalit women becoming the PM of India, still seems to be a distant dream, but congress has surely made a master stroke by appointing Meira Kumar the speaker of Lok Sabha. The first Dalit lady to hold such a position. A master stroke, which will take winds out of the sail of Behen Ji (mayawati), who is still busy sacking people en mass , because, BSP could not sweep lok sabha elections in UP.
We should not also forget that it is Congress which also gave India the First Women President.
Kudos to congress!! a party which is not only paying lip service to women empowerment, but actually working towards it. I am sure in the coming 5 years, the women reservation bill of 33 % reservation in Parliament for women, will see the light of the day.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Verma,

I dont think appointing rootless politicians to essentially ornamental posts would give congress an edge(Pratibha Patil did not have any stature while Meira though an ex bureaucrat,is another product of Nepotism)

Look at it:--->no Dalit CM for Congress,:
Woman CM ?Yes---->and a very competent one in Sheila dixit
The Big 4in the Union Ministry:Finance,External affairs,Home,Defence----->No Woman,No Dalit
Why was Meira kumar or any other woman ever considered for these ministry?
Note:This is true for other parties including BJP