Thursday, May 21, 2009

Congress should not succumb to DMK for "Raja"

Keeping in view the announcement of DMK to give outside support to congress, as their aspirations and demand are not being met by a resurgent congress, which is not ready to be blackmailed by allies.
I am not sure but it is being hinted that DMK is adamant on Raja (the ex telecom minister, known for all the wrong reasons wrt telecom policies), to be inducted in the cabinet, even if he does not get IT. But, Congress, is very much aware of Raja's reputation as a minister, and is not willing to send a wrong signal to people by inducting him under pressure. I believe that Congress should stick by its stance of not inducting raja, and give a strong signal that non-performers will not be tolerated in the new ministry.
DMK is known for its pressure tactics, and has put congress in a bit of back foot, but keeping political alliances in mind, this could be the first litmus test for the congress, in terms of taking a strong stance.
I know its not easy to just ward of allies, in a jiffy , because of arrogance of numbers, as ultimately, congress will need support of numbers and could end up yielding to some other parties demand. But in a changed scenario, congress needs to take a strong stance on Raja and other such ministers who are known for their non-performance and not so good reputation.

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