Thursday, May 21, 2009

samosa still has ALOO, But Bihar has no LaLoo!!

Arrogance has no limit, and there is no eternal flight, people tend to forget during times of power. Being from the state of Bihar, I can never forget RJD's slogan to eulogise Laloo and his party, "Jab tak hai samosa mein Aloo, TAB tak hai Bihar mein Laloo". This slogan heralded the epitome of Laloo raj. It's a strange coincidence that laloo, a staunch follower of Jyoti Basu and Left, during his peak Bihar days, has seen the biggest drubbing of his life at a time when left has also been totally negated in West Bengal.
Laloo ji forgot that in this ephemeral life, there is no such thing as eternal power, and you can't take people for granted, all the time.
I sincerely hope all the politicians in making or in power, remember this formula and work diligently towards development and true welfare of people, as rhetoric can keep you alive for some time, but not always.

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