Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nitish Kumar gaining national stature

I am actually elated to see, that the CM of Bihar is being alluded to for all the right reasons. Nitish Kumar, has silently hogged the limelight, be it Rahul Gandhi insinuating about good role Nitsh has played for Bihar's development to Advani accepting that Narendra Modi, did not canvas in Bihar, because of Nitish's request.
Nitish has been consistent in his support to NDA, but, his significance in forming the national government, is being looked on by all major political parties. Nitish's policy has been such, that he can never be an out caste for any party wanting to form government at center. His stance on not bringing the star campaigner of BJP, Narendra modi, so that it does not hurt Muslim sentiments, goes on to reflect, the significant role and power he wields in Bihar and on his alliances.
I am sure that Congress will leave no stone unturned to get his support for government formation if need be, overtures are being already made, be it sacking of Veerapa Moily, from being a congress spokesperson, for his anti Nitish tirade.
Well time will tell, what really comes out of it, but its good to see, that at a national level, someone from Bihar is being talked about for all right reasons!!
A wild guess, can Nitish, be a PM contender??????????????

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