Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Was US waiting for Taliban to regroup?

Well, the way Talibani forces were wreaking havoc in Pakistan at will, always made me wonder, how come US is a silent spectator? Pakistan made all efforts to placate Taliban, which included allowing of Sharia to be implemented in SWAT valley. All these measures, truly emboldened Taliban and made them come in open, with a sort of arrogance seen during Afghan days. Be it attacking the sri lankan team or attacking Pakistan police training academy, it seemed, at one time that Taliban was on the verge of taking over Pakistan.
But, things changed dramatically, with zardari's visit to US, and announcement of further aid to Pakistan. The pak army suddenly got into action, and news reports shows that 1000's of talibani militant's have been killed.
Even, the so called place where Pakistan had agreed on autonomy to Taliban, was pounded by air force and tanks. Taking the Taliban by surprise. The emboldened, Taliban are all in the open, and are putting up a tough fight against Pak army. But, the truth is no war against a civilized government can ever be won by a militia.
It makes me think, was it a master stroke by US, who were throwing the bait of autonomy for Taliban to regroup and then smoke em out, (famous saying of George Bush Junior) by playing the pak army in full force against them.

Zardari has openly admitted that Taliban is a monster created by CIA and ISI, I only hope that in future its a lesson for countries creating monsters for short term gains.

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