Friday, May 15, 2009

The D-day for democracy: Who will form the government?

Tomorrow India shall awake, to witness the world's largest democracy results leading to probable government formation. Exit polls unanimous shows that there Will be a hung verdict and no party getting absolute majority and this is totally on expected lines. UPA does have an edge over NDA in terms of numbers as per the exit polls and also the alignment of potential allies.
All the parties are in hectic parleys with their potential and existing alliance partners, while the smaller parties taking an ambiguous stance over their preference.
Nitish Kumar has played the "special status to Bihar card" at an opportune moment, to which Congress has immediately agreed in principle. jayalalitha is still to open her cards, whether she will be with third front, UPA or NDA, but her agenda is simple, she wants DMK out of Tamil Nadu. SP-RJD_LJP will in all probabilites side with UPA, as they don't have much options.
It will be quite interesting to wake up tomorrow and see what future holds for India.
As there have been innumerable instances when all the predictions have gone for a toss, and the biggest of political pundits, have not been able to predict the mood and pulse of people.

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