Saturday, May 9, 2009

ICC masterstroke on ICL

Earlier in my blog I had written that if ICL does not do something drastic it will be on ventilator, and predictions are coming true. IPL, through ICC has played a master stroke of providing amnesty to all ICL players, who want to get back to national and international cricket. Media reports shows that it has come as a reprieve to a lot of ICL players who got stuck in the ruck of ICL.
Seeing the popularity of IPL, most of the ICL players have realized that to be popular and really be in cricket you have to align with the masters and owners of cricket, i.e. ICC and top of it BCCI.
Mr. Chandra's masterstroke of creating alternative cricket, though a great strategy. has virtually come to NIL. Well, he can't be truly blamed, in cricket what is seen and appreciated sells and ICL sadly lost on both the accounts. At least this move of ICC will bring in a lot of unsung heroes into play!!!

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