Monday, May 18, 2009

Congress should take Laloo at its peril?

I really don't understand the reason congress is even pondering over the future of laloo with UPA? I can see only two viable reasons, congress's sympathy for a beleaguered laloo, who has at times stood for congress or congress wanting to have laoo as an alliance in Bihar, for coming vidhan sabha election. Both the reasons will make congress's any opportunity to rise in Bihar like it did in UP, impossible.
Firstly, the verdict in Bihar is clear, people have outright rejected Laloo and his opportunistic stance. Any party seen standing with laloo in Bihar, would meet the same fate. Secondly, Laloo very conveniently ditched Congress, during elections, with a view to bargain in the government formation. laloo's intent was clear, the fourth front, would be the KING MAKER.
Alas!! people saw through it and summarily rejected the stance.
If congress has even an iota of chance to revive in Bihar, it could be either through fighting it alone, or in alliance with Nitish.
The people of Bihar, if ever would look at alternative to Nitish, they will go for congress and never for laloo.
So making laloo or any of RJD memeber a minister in the UPA formation, would send a wrong signal to people of Bihar, making congress loose on any opportunity to be a potent force in Bihar.

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