Sunday, May 10, 2009

Congress could be laloo's nemesis in Bihar

Laloo's snubbing of congress to form alliance with his long time detractor Ram vilas, might prove to be RJD's nemesis in Bihar. My own analysis based on talks with people on the ground, which shows that all the congress candidates standing in Bihar, starting from sadhu Yadav, are making a dent in RJD votes. Take for example Sadhu yadav in Bettiah, he has truly given BJP an edge there, as Sadhu's supporters are all erstwhile Laloo's followers.
Laloo's move to snub Congress was more because of expediency and "Real Politics" , but I feel it has not really paid off the way he would have wanted to. Today, Laloo who was seen as the staunchest supporter of Congress, has lost his credibility in the eyes of Congress. The fact Rahul Gandhi, appreciated Bihar's development, is a point in case, that Congress, would not really mind aligning with Laoo's staunches enemy--Nitish.
Politics has strange bedfellows, and we can only keep our finger crossed on enmities and friendships.
But, I feel that Laoo's move to leave congress in Bihar, might prove to be a costly gamble!!

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