Saturday, May 9, 2009

E-mails should have Nominees like bank accounts

A passing thought, with greater dependence on web, in terms of communications, and sharing of personal thoughts. I feel, if a person dies, without sharing the password with loved ones, should the loved one's be given access to account or not? This is very debatable but with e-mail accounts becoming more popular than bank accounts, should we not have a system, where in like banks, email accounts should have nominees?
I feel there should be a system, contingent on account opener to nominate someone, in case something happens to the person. At least the individual should be given the freedom to choose nominations. In case it's a dark secret or too personal too share, the secrets should go in the grave. But what about people, who want others to know their thoughts, and will be more than willing for some one close to have access to it.

I feel that nominee options should be given on all account openings, making it truly optional. A great business opportunity for companies wanting to get into e-mail business, with some USP:)

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