Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dhoni and Harbhajan skip Padam shree: A need for stringent action

Whatever, I could make out from media reports, that both Harbhajan and Dhoni, did not even care to inform the ministry on their unavailability for the prestigious padam shree awards. It's a real shame and at the same time, should act as an eye opener for the government, who so profusely shower all accolades to cricketers. Olympic boxing champions, who brought India glory in the global arena, were ignored, when it came to conferring Padam shree. There are innumerable sports people, who deserve this award, but it seems that the government's criteria for awards is governed more by popularity quotient of the sportsmen than his real objective achievements.
In no way, the accolades that Vijendra singh, brought to India by winning the bronze medal in Boxing (olympics) is less that Dhoni and harbhajan's achievements. I would rate it higher, as boxing is a solo sport and too much depends on individual performance.
This also reflects the arrogance that cricketers have in them, due to all the attention and adulation that is heaped on them. To, refuse to attend a function of such significance due to flippant reasons just goes on to show, what respect they have for such awards.
I don't think, they deserve this award and the government instead of creating laws to obviate such act of shameless impunity, should right away nullify and announce the withdrawal of padma shree from Dhoni and Bhajji.

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