Friday, April 10, 2009

Recession will create whole new breed of entrepreneurs

I totally agree with the contention of Mr. CK Prahalad, one of the greatest thinkers and academician of today's era, that this downturn and recession, will give rise to a whole new breed of creative and dynamic entrepreneurs. He has given a lucid logic to this thought, stating that in this time, a lot of good people, with great potential, are being laid off, and naturally these people would not sit duck, but to something to earn their living. They would most probably start their own enterprise, since there would be a lack of funds, most probably these people would use their own money to fund the ventures.
Funding their won ventures would lead to parsimony, in terms of usage of money and that would in turn lead to looking at creative opportunities of business models, where growth can be achieved using minimal funds.

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