Monday, April 6, 2009

Rabri devi's remark on Nitish Kumar Bihar CM: A Bankruptcy of RJD

The recent remarks of Rabri devi on Nitish Kumar's relations with Mr. lalan singh, not only reflects the moral bankruptcy of RJD, but also shows to what contemptible level politicians can go, to pander to the prejudices of people. Well, this remark only goes on to prove that JD (U), has put RJD and LJP alliance in the back foot (for me SP does not count in Bihar), and in its supreme frustration RJD is trying all tricks of the books to defame Nitish.
Or maybe Mrs rabri devi does not understand the import of her statement and how such statements can get some applaud from the crowd, but in the long run, prove to be the road to perdition for RJD.
The very fact that all the RJD alliance members are evading media query on their response to Rabri's statement, goes to prove,that they realize the futility of personal maligning and fear it may backfire big way.

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