Friday, April 3, 2009

Gazing at Eternity

Staring the sky dotted with trillion stars, much bigger than earth could ever be, gives a queer feeling and elicits myriad thoughts on our existence. Is life a serendipity or a conscious plan of a powerful force beyond our comprehension? How did life come into being Or where do we stand among the millions of stars, which is just a small portion of trillions of galaxies?
It is insane, dumbfounding, esoteric and perplexing in nature, but still these questions haunts all of us, when ever we are in peace, away from the cacophony of life.
Science with all its advancement and accolades has still not been able to give a definitive view on a very basic question on the creation of earth, or life force.
Big bang theory, coincidental mixing of gases leading to life force, all brings us to the moot question, what was there before Big Bang? How did big bang take place or who created the gas which led to life creation? All these can't happen in ad vacuo, there can never be something out of nothing.
Is there a state of consciousness, where all these can be known, or will it be an eternal mystery, I know not..............

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