Friday, April 10, 2009

India Elections with Google, Yahoo, and Internet

Close to the heels of yahoo, google has also announced the launch of a website for Indian elections. This truly goes on to show, that elections like cricket, is becoming a good tool of monetization, for a lot of companies, with Internet brands like Yahoo and google, leading the flock. And why not, if we look at the kind of money being pumped in by political parties, unofficially people say that a single general election entails spending to the tune of whopping USD 2-4 Billion.
Online campaigning with social media, blogs, twitters, is truly the hall mark of this general election, heralding a new era of campaigning, aimed at targeting the "youths" and other people, for who, Internet is a way of life and primary source for gathering information.
Obama's election campaign can be seen as a watershed in the usage of web in political campaigns. Well, it would be unfair to compare in anyways, US with India in terms of Internet, defining users opinion, but still, in times to come, this medium, will be an integral part of all political campaigns.
I would not be surprised to see all our representatives having a blog address, on their cards, and rustic MLA's and MP's taking a lesson or two on Internet and its nuances.

This could be a good business model for budding entrepreneurs, to start up consultancy and Internet political advisory firms. The target audience will never be bereft of cash:)

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