Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mulayam Singh and his atavistic manifesto

If newspaper reports are to be believed, then the manifesto of samjawadi Party (SP), led by Mr. mualayam singh, can be labeled as the most shocking and atavistic manifesto, till date. In this age of modernization when the world is a global village and economies of countries inextricably linked to each other, talking about making English redundant, use of minimal computer and discouraging mechanized farming, is going to the ridiculous.
We need to understand the difference between populist measures and measures that are retrograde, with a potential to take the country, backwards by many years.
We should realize that English per se is not really a foreign language to India, and whether we like it or not, it is the sine qua non for any development in this era.
India becoming a superpower in IT (Information technology) and generating millions of employment in BPO sector is primarily due to the the large skills of english speaking population we have.
Even countries like China, is trying to emulate India success, through imparting of English language, to its population. It is strange in this backdrop to see english as a foreign language, vitiating in any ways Indian culture. I am not against Hindi or regional languages being popularized, but not at the cost of a language, which is instrumental in furthering economy.

Similarly discouraging computerization to give jobs to more people, is like replacing cars with bullock carts, so that both the cattle's and human get more opportunities.
We need to understand that development has its own motion, and in a globalized environment, one can't fight development with such gimmicks and popular measures. If computerization is replacing people, then the same economy is also creating upteem opportunities for people in different areas.
I sincerely believe that Mulayam's manifesto remains on papers, and not ever gets to see the reality of the day, and I am sure its more a rhetoric than reality.

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