Sunday, April 19, 2009

I am committed I want flexible timing!!!

Having talked to people across service industries, I was a bit surprised to find out that how flexible timing is becoming a bone of contention between employees and management. The logic is very simple, employees, in the services industries (which includes Fortune 500 consultancy firms) who are delivering and feel that they are on the job 24X7, want to be in office at their own convenience. They feel that if the business if not suffering and the clients are happy, what is the logic behind following a 9:30 Am reaching office discipline.
They feel that the management, is being a bit harsh, in wanting people to reach office on time, irrespective of their contribution. On the other hand, the management feels, that discipline has to be adhered to, as no organization, especially in the non-service industry allows such latitude. And any contribution of the employee is a part of their duty for which they are being compensated for.
On the face of it, the whole issue seems quite simple, but a bit of probing shows that this issue is more about asserting one's independence Vs.Organization wanting to maintain discipline.
It is true that the dynamics of the services industry is much different from any traditional industry, here client relationship, commitment to work, integrity, and team management takes a much wider role than in any other industry. The reasons are not difficult to find, as the success criterion in a service industry has always been billing and client satisfaction index.
Logically if the client is happy and the billing is on time, then noting else should matter.

I would surely want to solicit views of my readers, especially from the service industries, on what they feel about this topic???

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