Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cricketer's understanding the meaning of Bottomline

Why should Saurav ganguly care, what sharukh Khan feels about his batting style? Why should rahul Dravid give two hoots to, what, vijay mallaya feels about his captaincy? Well, these questions seems quite egregious to ask. But, IPL has changed the rules of the game, when you get a Price you have to pay for it, is the simple rule of the game called IPL.
Cricketers who have been bought for huge prices, to play for respective IPL teams owned by corporates or rich individuals, are suddenly realizing the meaning of bottomline, ROI, which hitherto was relegated to the boardrooms of corporates. Yes!! IPL, has changed the way cricket is played and monetized. It has brought unprecedented glamour, money and opportunities for all the stakeholders.

I only hope , this glamour and glitz, does not make our Icons forget that the ultimate test of glory is winning for the country.

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