Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bihar tops list of LS candidates facing criminal charges

Just found an article on the web, which basis a report shows that Bihar still tops the list of candidates facing criminal charges, followed by UP. Find below the news with the links:

Bihar has topped the list of states having the highest number Lok Sabha candidates facing criminal charges so far for this year, a report prepared by NGOs has claimed.
The report, jointly prepared by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW), claims that out of a total 200 candidates contesting general elections, 51 contestants have been found facing various criminal charges.
The number amounts to 25.50 per cent of the total number of candidates contesting general elections from the state.
Uttar Pradesh has figured a close second with 46 candidates of a total 268 contestants in the fray facing criminal charges.
Maharashtra comes third in the list with 42 of 242 Lok Sabha candidates from the state having criminal charges against them.
In Andhra Pradesh, out of a total 314 candidates in the fray, 34 contestants are facing criminal charge, the report claims.
ADR and NEW said the report was prepared by analyzing 1,440 affidavits filed by the Lok Sabha candidates contesting from 11 states in the first phase of polls. NEW comprises more than 1,200 NGOs and other citizen-led organisations.


Anonymous said...

This election ....

1.First LS polls in 20 yrs with Lalu not being in Power

2.Bihar also tops in the ratio of ministers/ex ministers constituency wise

3.Congress,despite all the hype,likely to draw a blank in Bihar(or maybe 1 seat) and of course ,still restricted to being a party of 2 Lok Sabha constituencies in UP(Amethi & Raebareli)

4.Raghuvansh singh likely to lose for the first time

5.Shatrughan Sinha actually winning an election for the first time in his life( and with a handsome margin !)

6.NDA easily getting to the 30 mark
in Bihar and actually doing a little better than expected in UP
7.Which means the Troika of Lalu-Rambilas-Mulayam ending up with around 30 seats (out of 120)
8.At the national level,however,Cong and BJP finishing with around the same number of seats(130-140 each)
9.So many contenders for the PMs post but it is certain that Advani doesnt stand a chance
10.What if a qualification for all the contenders was to actually win from their home states?The regional satraps would do well....Manmohan singh under the circumstances would win easily from Punjab....but poor Advani!where would he go?
11.Biggest gainers this time...Regional parties ..which may not be a good thing...another election in 2 yrs?
12.BJP accuses Congress of promoting the Nehru Gandhi legacy,what about the Mother-Son duo in BJP ?
13.Hopefully,this election will mark the end of the most corrupt govt ever in Indian history

Anonymous said...
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