Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Trinity:Mulayam-Laloo-Paswan

One of the most interesting thing of this general election has been the coming together of vowed enemies of yesteryear's on one platform, with an aim to cling to power at center at whatever cost. Yes! mulayam, Laloo and paswan, could be a good plot for a bollywood film called the "opportunist trinity'.
The manner of their alliance, leaves not even an iota of doubt about their motives, there is nothing veiled or enigmatic, the motto is clear, together we can bargain power, with whoever comes to center (I am sure till now that BJP will not be considered).
Individually, both Laloo and Mulayam, has huge stakes if they are not able to cling to power, both can't afford to be in a state of affairs, where they have to face a hostile Center and equally hostile state.
At state level, elections are still years away, and the interregnum, without power could prove quite costly. Moreover, fading away of icons from public memory in nothing new, and both lalu and Maulayam can't afford the same. For, the first time, both RJD and SP are not able to take Muslim votes for granted. In Bihar the MY (Muslim yadav), equation has been badly shattered, while in UP, the induction of Kalyan singh to SP, is being called a hara kiri, done by Mulayam singh, as far as Muslim votes are concerned.
Kalyan Singh, who has been widely perceived to be the man behind Babri Masjid demolition, will always be a pariah for the muslim community.
As far as Paswan is concerned, I would call his position not as precarious as Lalu and Mulayam. Paswan as it is would not be hoping to win more than 5-6 seats, and all his strategy would be based on the same. A forecast of hung Parliament, where even one MP can make a difference, paswan would have a role to play, moreover, Paswan, would not be as inimical to joining hands with parties like BJP, as Mulayam and Laloo would be.
Whatever the outcome of the elections, the thing worth waiting for would be what fate do the trinity meet, if they are able to hold to the power, through collective bargain, it would be considered a master stroke and if they don't muster up enough numbers, history would condemn them for their short sightedness...

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