Friday, April 10, 2009

Shoe at Chidambram: Impulse than politics

The recent hurling of shoe at Mr. Chidambram, is certainly a despicable act by any standard. However, if we probe the mens ria of Jarnail Singh (the scribe who hurled shoe at Chidambram), I would label his act as a misdemeanor than a grave criminal act.
Going back to 84 till now, the Sikh riot is one incident which the government has not been able to efface from the psyche of Sikh's, and if we introspect at the enormity of the riot, it will not be an easy thing to achieve. The memories of the riots will always evoke strong response from Sikhs, who feel that the propagators of the riots are yet to be punished, rather they are going scot free.
In this backdrop, Mr. Tytler getting a clean chit, just on the eve of election, does smell of rat, and can lead to myriad questions, which one would want to the government to answer.

CBI per se, over a period of time is losing credibility and is being seen more as a tool of government manipulation than a credible unbiased agency. Mr. Jarnail singh's action represented the wider discontent the sikh community has over this issue and he rightly wanted clarification on it.
I do appreciate Mr. Chidambram for his stoic reaction to the whole incident and asking the security guys to be gentle with Jarnail, but the government should look at the wider issue, and its time to introspect on the role of so-called investigative agencies.
I am also not sitting on judgement on Mr. Tytler, as he was also given a clean chit by CBI during BJP government and that time BJP was silent on the whole thing.

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