Friday, April 3, 2009

Will Nitish & BJP sweep Bihar elections?

I personally feel yes. But after talking to people from diverse background and vocation, I found out, that there is a school of thought which has serious misgivings about Nitish's victory in Bihar. They feel that there is a widespread but subtle undercurrent against the autocratic nature of Nitish's style of functioning, which has huge potential of marring his election prospects and Bihar could be up for surprise.
A lot of allusion is being made to Nitish's own coterie, which has all the leaning of Laoo's days, though they are not truly on the face of it, in terms of quotidian disruption to public life.
Well, whatever may be the logic, I personally feel that if we truly do an introspection and see the changes brought about by Nitsh in Bihar, esp. in comparision to Laloo days, it is humongous in terms of better law and order and creation of basic infrastructure.
In the long run. that is what matters, rest, as it is said, there are no saints in politics, some are subtle others are blatant.

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