Monday, March 23, 2009

Aircel's ad will give a boost to Internet on Mobile

I had recently written my views on the ways to promote Internet on mobile, and had concluded that the only way was to show to the common people what Internet on mobile can really achieve for them. I truly feel, that the recent Aircel's advertisement, elaborating on the advantages of mobile Internet and that too through a visible brand ambassador like Dhoni, would surely give a boost to the same.
I personally find the ad quite well created in terms of educating the common people on day to day activities that can be done through this application. How handy a mobile Internet connection can be, the utility of the same.
This is the time for Internet companies and other service providers to really go for the kill, in terms of deluging people with mobile Internet messages and making them at least try the same, either by providing free trial period or other incentives.
Truly speaking Internet on mobile has great potential and in times to come, we will get so much accustomed to people using it, that we wouldn't wonder at the novelty of it, when did you last wonder when you saw a person using a Notebook or a PC??

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