Thursday, March 12, 2009

Insane killing of Aman Kachroo

I am truly aghast to see the story of a young dynamic guy being killed senselessly in the name of ragging. Aman Kachroo, a guy from DPS Saket, doing his first year MBBS in Himachal Pradesh, was beaten to death by group of dastardly seniors. It's a shame that such a bright future has been extinguished for a reason as insane as ragging or ego satisfaction of 4-5 morons, who I feel should rot in jail for life.
It is difficult to empathise with the parents of Aman, I can understand the indescribable suffering the family would be going through, and there could be no words or actions to give them solace.
I only hope and pray, that no one meets with the same fate ever again and if not death but surely life imprisonment in true sense (meaning for life), should be provided to all the guys proved guilty in the case.
May god give strength and solace to Aman's family.

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