Monday, March 9, 2009

Outliers a great book by Malcolm Gladwell

If there is one book which, I have read recently and has left me thinking for a while its "Outliers". A great perspective on how we look at geniuses. There are innumerable apt examples given by Gladwell, on how the so-called great and successful people we see are also the product of environment and not just an aberration of a gene called genius. The author illustrates giving great examples of Beatles, Bill Gates and even his own. The bottomline, societies can make many more geniuses, if we have proper understanding of the environment.
Though I would say I have a question for Malcolm, he should also write a book on all people who failed having all the environmental support?
Nonetheless, this book is a must read, if you want to have a new look at people around you.
A great book, a must read!!
I am also going thrugh The "Entertainment Economy" by Michael Wolf, it seems as good as outliers, will keep you all posted.

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