Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bahubali's of Bihar: An epitome of Women's reservation in politics

I have been reading recently that most of the so-called Bahubali's of Bihar (musclemen for sophisticated readers) who have been denied permission to fight elections are making their better halves fight elections. Well there can be no perfect law and you just can't deny opportunity to to others just because of relations.
I feel in this modern day of machinations at least even the bahubali's can be sure of the loyalty of their wives, if they get to parliament. But, this will at least make the Parliament free of people with direct criminal antecedents, who have also been convicted. Women reservation in parliament could never become a reality, though in-principle no one opposed it. But I feel this trend will make the Bahubali's of Bihar do one good thing, though inadvertently, give women reservation in parliament a true meaning.
If this trend persists the time is near when we will have men with political aspirations, clamouring for Male reservation in parliament!!

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Men's Rights said...

Do you want Women's Reservation everywhere? That is,

1) Women's Reservation for 50% of Judges positions in High Courts and Supreme Court.

2) Women's Reservation for 50% of positions in IAS, IPS, IFS?

3) Women's Reservation for 30% of Govt and Private Sector Company Jobs and Promotions every year without considering performance.

4) Women's Reservation for 50% of Senior Management positions in private sector?

5) Women's Reservation for 50% of seats in IITs, IIMs, Engineering and Medical Colleges?

6) Lay Offs only for men in Private sector and No Lay offs for women.

7) Law for sacking of Men from their jobs, if a woman accuses him of harassment at workplace and considering the accused man guilty till proven innocent.

8) Women's Reservation for 50% of positions in Panchayats.

If you do not want special privileges for Women in all the above, the time to act is now. If women get reservation in parliament, then they will change laws to implement all of the above and you will just watch helplessly.

Jago India. Jago!!

Act Now. Send this message to as many people as possible.

Say No to Special Privileges to Women. Say No to Women's Reservation.