Friday, March 20, 2009

Show me a hero I will write you a tragedy!!!

"Whenever I see a man applauded by a crowd, I pity him, the only thing he has to do to be hissed at is to Live Long", I always reflect the relevance of the saying in the contemporary world, how true it is!
Think of narasimha Rao, the ex PM of India, there was a time when he was considered to be the Man of India, a resounding victory, with a majority unknown in the recent history of India; the harbinger of Liberalisation, the epitome of reform.........his last day, not even a shade of his glorious past, he was hissed at, and not even a single big guy of his own party truly paid homage to him, even when he gave up his ghost!!

More recently George fernanades the modern father of socialist movement, the person who engineered the downfall of Lalooo with Nitish, and a truly indomitable personality, much talked about, loved, hated but never ignored, Today, he is not even sure of getting a ticket from his own party, excuses like his failing health being given by party members who would not have dared to look at him during his peak days.
Well examples abound in all fields but nowhere more than politics. It is truly a humbling experience or shows that loyalty, morality, faith has given way to pure expediency in a negative sense.

Well who knows the hero's we are applauding today, meets what fate!!

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