Monday, March 23, 2009

Bihar: Clash of ego's will benefit powerful Independent candidates

Political alliances changes color much faster than any chameleon, in the process creating opportunities for many and diluting possibilities for some. Bihar can be a case study for this, in the coming lok sabha elections.
My own thoughts are that the clash of ego's and the rift between parties has certainly created more opportunities for ticket distribution and in the wake strong independent candidates with good stature but in want of money to fight elections, this can be a golden opportunity, to get a ticket from a renowned party.
Say for example the Congress --Lalu/Paswan rift has made both the parties thinking of fielding their respective candidates from all the constituency, thus certainly increasing opportunity for, so many more candiates to fight on a reputed election symbol.
I will not be surprised that in the process we have a lot of not-so-well-known winners and many powerful faces biting the dust, just because they could not get their arithmatic right.
How will it impact the Bihar elections and subsequent government formation at the center only time will tell. But increasingly, trends are pointing towards a hung parliament where we can have the reminiscene of the Chandrashekhar, Dewe Gowda, and IK Gujral years.

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