Saturday, March 7, 2009

The E-factor

I sometimes ruminate, that a person like me who never watched movies in a cinema hall, just out of sure lethargy, has suddenly turned into a so-called movie buff, or who looks forward to watching movies on Saturday's. What has so dramatically changed? Is it the e-factor or entertainment factor that goes along with movie viewing experience, getting online tickets comfortably, choosing seats of my choice and the sheer experience of moving around in a mall before entering a movie hall. All this makes movie watching more of an entertainment experience rather than just watching the movie.
Similarly, I have bought so many unplanned things in shops just because the shop has an entertainment place for Kids, where my son wants to spend time. Naturally, just the wait for my son to get exhausted, makes me do a bit of more looking around which mostly translates to buying stuffs, which was never planned.
Similarly why does one, if he has budget wants a Kingfisher over any other airline, because the experience is entertaining, you get to see TV , News and somehow it helps in spending time in a more informed or leisurely manner.

This is truly the entertainment economy, all products are the same, but the E-factor is really making the difference. Welcome to the E World!!!

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