Wednesday, March 25, 2009

IPL: Pragmatism Vs Chauvinism

There has been a lot of noise around IPL (Indian Premier League) venue being shifted to South Africa. For some it has become a mater of national shame, that India a sovereign nation is being held to ransom to terrorists fear. I feel this is a matter which needs rumination , on the state of things not only in India but globally.
This is a true dilemma between pragmatism and chauvinism. Being pragmatic, one can easily say that the risk of holding the IPL during a general election is taking too big a risk. Especially in the light of what happened in Pakistan to Sri Lankan team. We just can't afford to shy away from the fact that terrorism is a national issue, and India cannot be truly insulated from it. Moreover, India lacks the intelligence and training to fight urban terrorism like the US has.
One can't just hold matches under such threat perception, especially when the sovereign nation is going through the biggest event of Democracy, i.e. election of government.
However, the chauvinists (ready to go on war at the drop of the hat), have their own views, they see it as a capitulation to terrorists forces, to the extent that the venue of such an event has to be shifted.

I personally feel, that under the present circumstances, its better to be pragmatic, and take steps in the long run that really obviates any such circumstances where one has to even think on these lines.
At the end of the day terrorism is a modern menace and very much on the face of all of us, it is no longer a traditional warfare, where uniforms can identify enemies.

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