Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bihar elections: Sadhu Turns Shaitan for Lalu & paswan

Politics is all about expediency and machinations, no better place to prove than Bihar. The recent seat sharing announcement of Lalu with Paswan for Bihar Lok sabha elections, has really left Congress in the lurch with just 3 seats to the latter. However, much to the excitement of congress (or rather expectations or instigation!!), a revolt has cropped up from an unexpected quarter lalu's own sala, sadhu yadav. For sadhu the mandate is very clear he wants Betiah constituency to fight come what may!! Lalu has already given Betiah to Ram vilas's LJP.
This has made Sadhu approach Congress with a bunch of disgruntled RJD leaders, and Congress licking its fresh wound of being totally ignored by lalu, paswan combnation, is lapping up Sadhu.

Though, I personally feel, that congress is also very much aware, that sadhu yadav with his bunch of obsolete netas, will hardly have any impact in Bihar's real politic in terms of vote share or seat wins.
But, it does give congress a nuisance value for RJD and LJP. My own analysis is that the strength of Nitish Kumar's JD (U), has made parties nervous in terms of alignment, and Lalu sees in paswan, a better bet than Congress.

However, both Lalu and Paswan known for their selective memory and opportunism, anyone's guess how long this long lost love will continue??

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