Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lahore Attack: A Shocker

The news of Lahore attack on the sri lankan cricket team, actually came as a shocker to me. It gave a curious feeling, that this was something that was obvious could have happened, but somehow in our psyche we feel that even terrorists would never go for sportsmen. Munich always looked like an anachronism, but this attack has considerably changed the whole perception. Now it seems danger is there imminent and no one is safe!!
For me it is really difficult to analyse that who actually could have been behind the attack, its difficult to believe the powerful ISI, which has created taliban, and has kept Dawood as a prisoner henchman, can ever allow such thing under its nose, OR who knows this could have served their purpose.

LeT could be a very obvious choice, for them there could have been no better option than this to discredit the government, though modus operandi points to them, but the very fact all the terrorists went away unscathed and escaped with impunity, shows some deeper conspiracy. As even in a normal day, in any town, which is not a jungle, a similar incident would have at least alerted the police force to bring out some action, but n this case it seemed as if there was no hurry, a Guest team being at the risk of massacred, the enormity of the incident did not elicit such magnitude of response---seems quite vague or uncanny.

One group which I don't see people really thinking about is the LTTE, could it have been the vengeance of LTTE, as everyone knows that LTTE is on the run, and they would want to extract vengeance in all ways they can. What better way than almost massacre the whole cricket team.
Just a wild thought, there have been news of LTTE training fidayeens or suciicde bombers, so there could be some reasons to believe links between LTTE and other islamist militant groups.

Well, whatever be the reason, there is an urgent need of concerted action to fight this menace.

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