Friday, March 13, 2009

Thoree Bihar's own Jim Corbette

I was at Jim Corbett with my colleagues and it was an enchanting experience for all of us. For me more than one ways, since it made me quite nostalgic and reminded me of a small but beautiful place in Bihar called Bhikna Thoree, where I had the privilege to spend over a year to overlook my father's business of stone quarry. It falls under Bettiah District of Bihar.
Bhikna Thoree, not sure how the name originated, can be called the northern most tip of Bihar, in the laps of Himalayan range,bordering Nepal. The place is a pristine beauty, with transparent streams overflowing stone/pebbles bed earth. Surrounded by Forest from three sides and Nepal in front.
Its a small village with a population of less than 1000, people mostly dependent on stone quarrying work, which sadly no longer exists due to perceived environmental hurdles, which I still don't totally believe in. Its a place I took for granted till I visited Jim Corbett and that gave me an idea why can't this place in Bihar be converted into a profitable tourist destination.

It has all the things which would really enchant any urban tourist wanting to be away for a while from the cacophony of town life--peace, tranquility, forests, mountains, rivers, and an additional incentive of cheap products of Nepal primarily Chinese, including good beer.

Close to Thoree are certain temples and destinations, which is shrouded in mystery like "Sofa Mandir", which locals believe was created by some devta of yesteryears, then we have the famous Subhadra mandir, a female divinity greatly revered by locals.
In Thoree, you would find a majestic guest house owned by Railways, it truly seems like an anachronism in such a remote village, history says that this was built for King George?? during the British raj as a hunting lounge.

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