Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Internet on Mobile a need for concereted action

I was recently with a senior management of a global Internet giant, discussing on ways to make Internet popular on mobile. Though we have over 400 million mobile connection, the Internet access on mobile is dismal due to varied reasons, varying from handset cost (though this has come down considerably) to lack of mobile broadband, to failure of telecom service providers to really promote it.
The discussion centered around the need for market creation, or efforts by all stakeholders at creating an awareness of mobile Internet, by really reaching out to the audience and providing them hands-on experience. Today there is a need for companies like google, Yah00!,and many others to come together and create market awareness and then compete for the pie.
I personally feel, after having used mobile Internet, that its a great experience and you get hooked to it like you do on any laptop or normal PC. Its just a matter of habit.
Yes, undoubtedly, simultaneouslythere would be need of good content to create a pull for audience, and what better way to have Indian audience hooked on to anything:) than Cricket and Bollywood.

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