Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thanks to all the unsung heroes who made Internet experience possible

You create a blogger account in less that 5 minutes, and you post your first blog as soon as you finish it! There are 1000's of designs and widgets which you can add in a jiffy without giving a thought that some one out there sat and thought of the applications and made it possible for all of us to enjoy and use.
I really can't help but think of truly thanking all the guys out there sitting silently and cogitating on how to make the Internet experience even better. True there are cases where the motive is monetization, but still the idea, the concept, the beauty of the application, can't be taken away from all these guys.
Web or Internet or web 2.0 whatever one calls it, is truly one experience which makes one wonder on the unlimited creative capacity of the human mind and also the selflessness of handfuls who are constantly adding to the progress.

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